Your Partner in sweet creation

Founded by Aldemaro Casaebasse in the early 60s, the company soon developed in the pastry making and ice cream confectionery proposing innovative products in plastic. The originality and innovation began by A.C. ( to him is attributed the invention of the zuccotto basin still largely used) has been further developed during the recent years presenting plastic as hygienic, solid and aesthetically ductile material, capable of satisfying the defects of those products in paper, cardboard and aluminium.

The care taken by Alcas, marked by a strong concern for the environment, has brought to the creation of the 02 Bioplastic Line out of corn, made in ecocompatible material, which has received important international rewards as the best product in its category for the respect for nature.

Why we are successful

The continuous development of the productive lines and the accurate choice of raw materials has enabled Alcas to have the best quality products available on the market.

This has been possible thanks to the location of the industries which are based in Italy and where 95% of the items are produced.

Alcas has therefore been able to qualify itself as one of the most interesting European and Worldwide companies in this field with 225 foreign distributors and over 3 thousand national customers.

Today Alcas is a point of reference for the market operators testified by the numerous attempts of imitation of its new proposals.

Environmental Friendliness

From the collaboration with Nature Work, a leading research on eco-friendly materials, it has developed the technology to be used as a raw material a plastic polymer derived from corn and then completely biodegradable (PLA).

Alcas has created BioHappy: this is the first line of eco-friendly packaging for gelato and pastry shops and it is made of an innovative and ecological material, maize bio-plastic.