The importance of being unique!

Ever since it began, Alcas has been providing you with the best containers and accessories for your ice cream. Quality, design and handiness bring out the goodness of your products. Today, Alcas is now offering you the possibility of letting yourself be recognized everywhere. How? Thanks to the Typo service, a customization system which can make your cups unique, original and attractive.

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typo con maschera

Template customizations

It’s easy to put your name on your ice cream cups

Taking into account the needs of many ice cream sellers and in order to respond in the best way to small orders as well, Alcas has designed a series of standard templates you can apply to the cups to customize them in a simple and effective manner. Do you want an elegant, a traditional or a fun look? Just choose one of the 9 available bases, and your cups will tell everyone about you!

typo libera

Customization at will

Give free rein to your desire to be a star

Your cup is a key communication tool. With Typo, your brand will come out from your ice cream parlour and you will be recognized everywhere. This customization system allows you to create your own layout, unique and captivating, your brand will be clearly visible on your cup and ice cream spoon. Typo is the best way to express all your personality and give proper value to your ice cream.


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